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See the Difference Hair Restoration Has Made for These Women.

At Advance Techniques, we are dedicated to providing the hair replacement technology, design, expertise and artistry to create a completely natural, totally undetectable hair restoration solution that meets your specific needs and expectations.

“I am a forty-three year old female. A few years ago I realized it was more difficult to style the hair that frames my face. The bangs separated easily and they didn’t seem as full. Last year I noticed short broken hair at my temples and at the front of my part. Although it wasn’t easily noticed by anyone but me, I panicked. I came across one of your advertisements and called for a consultation.

After you took a close look at the structure of my hair I was relieved to find, I had no actual hair loss. You explained to me what was happening, was my hairline was “thinning”. The actual shafts of hair were thinner making them more prone to breakage. I had thought about medications and topical hair loss treatments but, they didn’t interest me; so I signed up for laser hair treatment. After six to eight weeks my hair seemed fuller all over. My hairline took a little longer to notice a change. I never had a thick hairline even when I was younger, so I didn’t have additional growth. What I did observe was the broken hairs were stronger and grew longer. I am satisfied. The staff was polite and discreet. I would recommend you and your staff to anyone.


“Thank you so much for all that you’ve done and continue to do for me. When I was first diagnosed with my skin disease, my world crumbled and I didn’t know which way to turn, but then I found you and you’ve been there for me since.

Working with you has changed my life and I am so incredibly happy and thankful. I will never forget what you’ve done for me – you are a true professional and an even greater friend.”


“It’s been almost an entire week since I received my new hair system. What a great week it has been! From the very first day I felt wonderful and – judging by the compliments I am getting – my friends and family agree. My hair it easy to care for the seems to be flattering, no matter what I’m doing. I even just out of bed and each morning looking good!

What a pleasure no to have to fuss with my thin hair. As a working woman who meets the public each day, I now feel more confident and I definitely look younger. I know that you are there with professional service to back me up. Each and every person I have met has been friendly and an expert – whether it was patiently answering my questions, styling my hair, or making an appointment.

Since thinning hair runs in our family I only wish I could go back a number of year so that my mother could have benefited from your services… instead of coping with the problem with wigs that never quite looked right.

In addition to thanking the company for making this experience so wonderful, I want to thank you personally for your warmth, enthusiasm, and patience in helping me through each and every detail. This is the hair for the rest of m y life. I only wish I had done it sooner!

Best regards,


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